Microcurrent Non-Surgical Facelift

Tone, lift and sculpt your face with a microcurrent facial.

Non-Surgical Facelift Using Microcurrent Therapy in Denver, CO

When people start to notice signs of aging, such as skin laxity and jowls, a simple non-surgical facelift can help restore a more youthful appearance. This is great news for patients looking to rejuvenate their skin without a surgical procedure. Non-surgical microcurrent treatments contour the face, tighten the skin, and smooth out the appearance of wrinkles, creases, and lines.

What Is Microcurrent Therapy?

Looking for a facelift that doesn’t require needles or surgery? Try microcurrent therapy! Microcurrent therapy is a safe and effective alternative to cosmetic surgery that can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, and sun damage. Microcurrent therapy uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate the underlying structure of the skin, which promotes collagen production and cellular regeneration.

NeurotriS™ Microcurrent Treatment

NeurotriS™is the most advanced microcurrent machine currently on the market. This FDA-approved treatment uses very low levels of electrical current to stimulate and re-educate the face muscles. This non-invasive technique produces immediate results without the recovery time associated with a traditional facelift. It’s the perfect anti-aging facial.


Why Choose Dermal Advantage Med Spa for Your Microcurrent Facelift

Here at Dermal Advantage Med Spa, we offer a unique and transformational experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Our NeurotriS™Microcurrent program is a complete anti-aging program customized to each individual and their specific aging concerns. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a major transformation, we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Non-Surgical Microcurrent Therapy Pricing

Non-Surgical Facelift FAQs

Microcurrent therapy is a treatment that uses a gentle electrical current to help improve the appearance of the skin. It’s usually recommended for people who have wrinkles, fine lines, or age spots. It can also help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.

One of the best parts of microcurrent therapy is that everyone is a good candidate! As long as you are keeping up with an effective skincare routine on your own (SPF +  antioxidants + a retinoid), a microcurrent facelift is a great way to improve the firmness and smoothness of your skin.

Microcurrent therapy offers countless benefits, including:

  • Toning the facial muscles
  • Improving circulation
  • Diminishing lines and wrinkles
  • Promoting clearer skin
  • Lymphatic drainage/detoxification
  • Treating sun damage
  • Stimulating the endocrine system
  • Improving elasticity
  • Hydrating and revitalizing the skin

While the effects of microcurrent therapy are not permanent, they can last for several months with regular treatments.

Most people report seeing significant improvements in the tone and texture of their skin after just a few treatment sessions. However, we recommend that our clients book a full 10-appointment treatment series for optimal muscle memory retention with sessions twice per week. After completing the initial series, we recommend a monthly treatment for maintenance. Everyone’s skin is different, and we are happy to create a personalized treatment plan to help you target your specific anti-aging goals.

One of the things we LOVE about microcurrent non-surgical facelifts is that there is no downtime
associated with the treatments. Simply come into our office, receive your treatment, and leave with
more radiant and firmer skin!

The sensation of microcurrent therapy is different for everyone. Some people experience a slight
tingling sensation, while others feel nothing at all. Most people actually find the treatment very

While microcurrent therapy has no known harmful effects, it is always a good idea to speak with a
licensed health care provider before starting any new treatment. Individuals who are pregnant, have
epilepsy, have a pacemaker or electrical device implant, have cancer, or have metal plates or implants
in their skull should avoid treatment.

As noted above, there is no downtime required after your microcurrent facelift! However, there are several post-care practices we recommend following for optimal results:

  • Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment.
  • Avoid smoking, as nicotine destroys collagen and elastin, reversing the effects of your
  • Use an all-natural sunscreen with SPF and UV ray protection. Avoid tanning beds.