Pamper yourself with one of our carefully crafted facials.

Women’s Skincare Treatment in Colorado

A facial is a multi-step skin treatment performed by a certified aesthetician, who customizes the process to your specific preferences and skin type. Most facials typically include the following steps: consultation, cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, a facial massage, and a facial mask.

Facials offer many benefits for skin at any age. This treatment promotes increased blood flow and circulation by providing deeper cleansing and exfoliation than you can achieve on your own. The process also encourages collagen production! In addition to the benefits for your skin, a high-quality facial can relax the mind, body, and facial muscles.


Discover the Perfect Facial for Your Skin

Facials are more than skin deep. Environmental factors, genetics, stress levels, makeup, and skincare all play a significant role in what we see on the surface. At Dermal Advantage, each facial treatment is personalized for optimal benefits. Your trained aesthetician will discuss your selected treatment, review your case history, examine your skin and make individualized recommendations throughout the process based on your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Relaxation is an essential part of your facial experience. Your esthetician will take the time you have, whether thirty minutes or several hours, combined with your personalized treatment plan to help you feel relaxed throughout your facial.

Treatment Options

Ninety minutes of deluxe personalized skincare and relaxation, the Le Grande Classique is perfect for all skin types. Your certified aesthetician will carefully consider your personal history while examining your skin to recommend products and aromatherapy during your facial. This facial is an excellent choice for deep pore cleansing and facial massage. The massage during this classic facial also includes your neck and shoulders. The treatment ends with a customized face mask that will leave your skin feeling balanced and nourished.

Designed to treat mild to severe acne, this facial includes a gentle steam cleaning, medicated exfoliation, and a medicated acne mask. Your certified aesthetician will extract impurities during the process, including whiteheads and cystic areas. Products used during this facial are herbal, non-drying products that increase skin clarity. Your aesthetician will also provide recommendations for skincare routines and follow-up treatments.

Skin resurfacing uses the skin’s natural healing process by changing the skin’s surface and allowing it to restore itself for a smoother, clearer complexion. Often accomplished using harsh chemicals, our Alpha Vital Facial uses naturally derived fruit acid products instead, producing resurfacing results without increased sensitivity. Do you desire the benefits of skin resurfacing treatment without worrying about downtime? This natural fruit acid treatment is for you!

To rejuvenate something means to restore its youthful appearance or vigor – in essence, to “make young again.” While we can’t turn back time, our ninety-minute rejuvenating facial will restore vitality and radiance to your skin. This super hydrating, de-puffing, plumping treatment is designed to saturate your skin with moisture and diminish fine lines.

Sit back and relax for this soothing, restorative treatment! This specialized procedure uses oxygen and active serums to restore moisture and plumpness to the skin. While the oxygen facial is a non-medical procedure with no pain or discomfort, it still achieves deep skin penetration through pressurization. The results of this facial will improve overtime as it boosts your skin’s natural collagen production.

If you’re looking for a Teen Facial in Denver, CO, you’ve found it! Designed for clients ages nineteen and younger, this sixty-minute treatment includes added education to help your teen with their changing skin. A customized facial experience will provide deep cleansing to clear and soothe the skin. Allow your teen to relax and learn as our trained skincare experts gently guide them in understanding proper skincare. Applying the correct skincare methods early in life can help your teen prevent complexion problems in the future.

A healthier, more radiant complexion is available even when you are on the go! Our Express Facial gives your skin a quick boost and relaxes your mind as you take forty-five minutes for yourself. This facial is excellent for all skin types, and while shortened in length, personalized care is still at the forefront of your service. You will leave feeling relaxed, hydrated, and glowing. A perfect treatment to have before makeup application!

Downtime & Side Effects After Women’s Facials

Deep cleansing treatments and procedures used to treat your face may cause mild side effects. Any side effects experienced will depend on skin sensitivity and the type of facial treatment received. Therefore, it is critical to accurately complete all pre-facial information so your certified esthetician can help minimize side effects and advise you appropriately.

Post-facial redness and irritation may occur as the result of exfoliation and extractions. These side effects are more common following the Acne Facial and Alpha Vital Facial. However, the professional facial services at Dermal Advantage MedSpa do not typically require any downtime or recovery time.

Why Do Women Choose Us for Cosmetic Treatments?

Trusting someone to treat your face is an important decision and one we do not take lightly at Dermal Advantage. Our Yon-Ka-certified aestheticians will listen to you as you explain your desired treatment outcomes and what you have experienced previously with your skin. Then, using top-rated Yon-Ka products, your selected facial treatment will become an experience crafted specifically for you.

Technology is constantly evolving, and our staff is committed to maintaining the highest standards, including continual education. Our highest priority is learning about new techniques and treatments while providing consistent care to our clients.

Facial FAQs

Benefits from a facial help you round out your skincare routine and provide much-needed stress relief, balancing your mind and body. Some reports say 75% of Americans are dehydrated. Dehydrated skin may result in flakiness and increase the development of lines and wrinkles on the face. All facials help hydrate your face and provide many other benefits related to the specific focus of the facial treatment used.

You will meet your esthetician during your first facial and discuss your desired results. During your facial, you can expect to feel relaxed and refreshed! You will receive treatments for your face as well as a facial massage. Most facials also include neck and shoulder massages. Your skin will feel plump, soft, and dewy following your facial experience. Depending on the treatment you are receiving, results may vary. Your esthetician will explain what to expect based on your treatment selection.

Deciding which facial to get can seem challenging. There are several to choose from, and all of the choices look amazing! That’s because they are all excellent options. Make your choice based on your
desired result or any skin issues you are currently experiencing. If you are having difficulty deciding, our
staff is here to help! Contact Dermal Advantage today to discuss your skin needs in more detail.

Avoid tanning or excessive sun exposure close to your appointment date. It is also best to stop applying
any intense DIY facial treatments, including gentle exfoliation, for about a week before your
appointment. You should also avoid injections and fillers for about two weeks before your facial. Arriving
with a makeup-free face is best; however, our aestheticians can remove makeup at your appointment.

Drink plenty of water! Your face will feel nice and hydrated, but it’s essential to keep your body hydrated, too. Your skin will be sensitive following a facial, so use a gentle pH-balanced cleanser—nothing harsh. Protect your skin from the sun, avoid harsh scrubbing, and don’t pop pimples! It’s advisable to change your pillowcase and use fresh towels to keep your face as clean as possible following your facial. Your aesthetician will also advise you about post-facial do’s and don’ts after your appointment.

Most results from facials are instant! You’ll be able to walk out of our office already feeling hydrated and
fresh. Some patients may notice further improvements in the weeks following treatment. For example,
our Oxygen Facial promotes collagen production and improves skin over time as your body naturally

Facials feel amazing, and most clients want to come back as soon as possible. However, facials penetrate
deep layers of your skin. It is essential to allow the serums and treatments to work and allow new skin to
generate. Because new skin develops about every 28 days, we recommend our clients get a facial around
once a month. This may vary for specialized treatments such as the Acne Facial.

Most dermatologists suggest regular skincare and sunscreen to help reduce acne scarring. Some facial
treatments may also reduce acne scarring. According to Healthline, resurfacing procedures like our Alpha Vital Facial using natural fruit acids can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne scars. Adding facials to your skincare routine will improve the health and appearance of your skin. Talk with one of our certified aestheticians for suggestions to reduce blemish and acne scarring