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Dermarolling vs. Microneedling: Why Choosing the Right Skin Treatment Matters

When it comes to innovative methods to enhance your skin’s tone and texture, it can seem like there are unlimited options (overwhelming, we know!). Two of the techniques that have gained massive popularity in recent years are microneedling and dermarolling, both of which promise to rejuvenate your skin and address concerns such as acne scars, stretch marks, and even loose skin.

So, which treatment should you choose? While dermarolling may seem like the easier option, since you can do it at home, there are several reasons why this approach is more dangerous and ultimately less effective. Read on for an in-depth look at what these two treatments involve and why we recommend opting for microneedling, no matter what your skin type or concerns.

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling involves the use of a motorized pen containing several tiny needles. When used, the device creates controlled micro-injuries on the surface of your skin, stimulating the skin’s natural healing response to trigger collagen and elastin production and promote cellular turnover.
Increased collagen production has an excellent impact on the appearance and health of your skin, leading to improved skin texture, reduced appearance of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks, and an overall rejuvenated complexion. Increased elastin production, on the other hand, keeps your skin firm and smooth.
MIcroneedling is an excellent option for individuals looking to minimize signs of aging in a minimally invasive way. Our expert aestheticians can customize your microneedling treatments to address specific concerns, no matter your skin type.

What Is Dermarolling?

Dermarolling aims to accomplish the same result as microneedling: skin rejuvenation and anti-aging effects. The key difference is that the dermaroller is designed for at-home use. Dermarollers are handheld devices with a wheel attached; the wheel holds needles that puncture the skin to prompt similar benefits to a microneedling tool. Unlike microneedling pens, however, dermarollers are manual rather than motorized.
Dermaroller devices do tend to be much cheaper than microneedling sessions at a professional spa, so why wouldn’t you choose the dermarolling route? Well, there are several reasons that you might want to leave microneedling to the professionals. Let’s explore why microneedling at a reputable spa is the safer and more effective option for your skin.

1. Microneedling equipment is single-use to ensure sterilization.

One of the most crucial aspects of any skin treatment is sterilization. When you decide to open channels within your skin, it’s imperative to use equipment that is single-use, stored properly, and handled by a professional to prevent bacteria from entering. At-home dermarollers may seem convenient, but they can pose serious risks. Because these tools can be used more than once, the chance of infection increases with each use, even if you diligently clean them. On the other hand, our aestheticians ensure that only single-use, sterile equipment is used, minimizing the risk of infections and complications.

2. We use professional-grade tools and products.

Your skin deserves the very best quality tools, and unfortunately, that’s just not something that dermarollers offer. These devices are often made with lesser grade metals, which can compromise safety and effectiveness. In contrast, microneedling pens employ medical-grade surgical steel needles to ensure precision and durability and to minimize the risk of skin irritation or damage.
Your skin also deserves adequate before and after care! At Dermal Advantage, we make sure that your skin is clean and exfoliated before treatment to ensure effectiveness. We also apply a soothing mask at the end of every treatment to promote healing and recovery.

3. Achieve deeper penetration & targeted treatment.

Professional microneedling units are motorized, allowing controlled and accurate delivery of the needles into your skin. Whether you’re targeting acne scars, stretch marks, or signs of aging, this precision and penetration depth ensures optimal results.
Dermarollers, on the other hand, provide much less precision, as they are manually operated (usually by oneself!). This increases the risk of tearing and pulling of the skin and can end up causing scars rather than healing them.

4. Receive a treatment plan customized to your unique skin type and goals.

When you opt for a professional microneedling treatment, you benefit from the expertise of trained specialists, who can develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your skin concerns and goals. This personalized touch ensures that your treatment aligns with your desired outcomes and any specific skin conditions to maximize results.
The professionals at Dermal Advantage have a wealth of experience with these tools – how to prep your face, where to apply the needles, the most effective techniques, and how to best promote recovery. When it comes to our faces, we don’t leave anything to chance, especially since everyone’s skin is one-of-a-kind! We’re willing to bet you feel the same.

5. Longer-Term Results & Expert Guidance

While at-home dermarolling may provide temporary improvements, professional microneedling is much more reliable when it comes to collagen production, and thus gradual, sustained improvements in your skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance.
When you visit Dermal Advantage, you’re not just coming in for a single microneedling session. We encourage our clients to create a long-term treatment plan with their aesthetician to ensure maximum benefits and ongoing support. This approach includes skincare recommendations to nurture your skin’s healing process.
We get it – you’re looking for the most accessible treatments out there to make your skin radiant! And on its face, dermarolling can seem like a cheap way to get there. Unfortunately, dermarolling is far from a foolproof skincare method. Instead, these manual devices tend to be over-aggressive when treating the surface of your skin, leaving it vulnerable to scarring and infection.

Not sure where to start on achieving a healthy and glowing complexion? Dermal Advantage is here to help. Whether it’s microneedling or another treatment entirely, our aestheticians can help you determine the best approach to achieve your skin goals WITHOUT compromising safety and quality. Book a consultation today to get started!


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